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Jenn [userpic]
by Jenn (tapangowa)
at October 20th, 2006 (05:28 pm)

I'm feeling: artistic
Pathetic Earth-sounds: Nothin

Well, it's been a while since I've been here...things seem a bit dead. But, either way, I give chapters to mah fanfic, just because!

Name: Cruel Affection
Author: Me an' mah Zimmeh!
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Angst and a bit of romance
Warning: ZADR, Rape, gore and other bad things not for children
Summary: 50 years into the furture and the irkens have become pets to the human race.


Dumbledore's Girl, through and through [userpic]
by Dumbledore's Girl, through and through (siriuslystrange)
at September 27th, 2006 (11:39 pm)

Hey, I'm new here.  You guys seem to be the most active Zim comm out there, so I'm happy to find you guys.

I have a pimp of my own and a question.

First, pimp:

> Name:  Of Love and Telemarketers
Author: Save the Mooses (that's me, on ff.net)
Rating: T
Genre: Humor/Romance and slight angst
Warning: It's AU, but not OoC
Summary: Zim has gotten it together well enough to take over Earth.  A strange turn of events changes Zita for the better as she learns not all is as it seems, and that telemarketing really is a rather boring job.  Dib/Zita.

So, that's my pimp.  I've been working on this for awhile, but only recently started updating again.

And question:

Is Dib left-handed?  I know it would show that on Dark Harvest, unfortunately I do not have that episode at my disposal.

So, anyway, VERY excited for this comm.  And I use my Zim icon in honor!

ETA: Yes, I cannot spell.

death_fairy01 [userpic]
Contest Entry
by death_fairy01 (death_fairy01)
at August 29th, 2006 (10:47 pm)

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I'm feeling: calm
Pathetic Earth-sounds: Blind Ambition

Well, I have no idea whether or not this is too late, but I do have a contest entry. Hope some enjoy it.^_^

Name: Damage
Warning:Crossdressing, implications of insanity, light slash
Summary:He coughed to hide his embarrassment, idly hoping Dib hadn’t noticed how long he’d been staring. That idea was shredded at the sight of amused amber, the teen’s eyes shimmering mockingly. He blushed again, firmly casting pale blue away from the boy. It was only his first day of active counseling and he could already tell that his work was going to be difficult.

DamageCollapse )

death_fairy01 [userpic]
by death_fairy01 (death_fairy01)
at August 26th, 2006 (05:40 pm)

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I'm feeling: artistic
Pathetic Earth-sounds: Blind Game Again

Wow, its been a while since I last posted. Anyway, I just finished another claim for 1sentence; this time for Purple x Dib. All of the sentences are hint type of things for what is to come later in Magnetic Atrocity. Enjoy!

Title: PADR
Author: death_fairy01
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Blood, slash, insanity
Summary: Fifty glimpses into the developing relationship between Purple and Dib.
PADRCollapse )

is not actually a Lotus Exige [userpic]
drive by update
by is not actually a Lotus Exige (virescens)
at August 20th, 2006 (04:32 pm)

I'm feeling: melancholy
Pathetic Earth-sounds: Silent Hill: "There Was A Hole Here OC Remix"

Name: Divide
Author: Veira
Rating: T
Warnings: Blood, language
Summary: Even within a species, there is a division between normal and alien. A search to find acceptance in this fact. Future fic. ZADR.

Chapter 3: Break

Links to previous chapters within the post.

♪ medica ♫ [userpic]
Ficc reccs~
by ♪ medica ♫ (senri)
at August 6th, 2006 (06:29 am)

I'm feeling: blank
Pathetic Earth-sounds: Radiohead - You and Whose Army?

Hay guyz~ I thought I'd take a few moments to tip people in the direction of one of my favorite obscure Zimfics. This baby is way old, weird, and full of hefty imagery; but if you have an hour to sit down and the patience to be wowed by it and really think about what the girl's saying, it's an amazing story. A standard that I look at when ficcing. *dorky laugh* So.

Title: Constancy
Author: Waffles
Rating: R
Genre: Angst / Supernatural
Warning: Been a while since I sat down and read through it, but I seem to remember some gore and generally squicky imagery, language, and Dib has some serious issues in here. Also, figuring out the point of the fic may make your head explode. <3 But it's worth it!
Summary: "There is no ZIM. There never has been." -- to quote the author herself... If I was to elaborate, I'd say that this is a
story that encompasses Dib's struggle to understand himself, and to figure out who he really is in a world that is utterly hostile to him and where his supposed rivalry with Zim became both an escape and a way for Dib to express his own disgust with himself and animosity to the world around him.

Sample:Read more...Collapse )

...Okay - you might be scared, reading that last bit, thinking this fic is going to do something really awful to the canon that you know and perhaps love. ;p But all is not what it seems here. Really, go give it a try; everyone's wonderfully in character. This is a deliciously twisted, gritty fic.

♪ medica ♫ [userpic]
Member's Story Update~
by ♪ medica ♫ (senri)
at August 3rd, 2006 (10:01 am)
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I'm feeling: ecstatic
Pathetic Earth-sounds: the pitter-pat of my happy little heart!

Name: Souvenirs
Author: Senri
Rating: PG-13
Genre: General/Drama
Summary: Zim took a few things with him when he left earth...


I just updated - after months and MONTHS of radio silence - my story Souvenirs. With the lovely beta-ing help of laeladair. *pops open champagne*

If you'd like to read it, the new chapter is here: Game On.

If you'd like to start at chapter one: read Souvenirs, right here, right now.


(Comments disabled to encourage you to review there... wink wink, nudge nudge. Please?)

Jenn [userpic]
by Jenn (tapangowa)
at July 28th, 2006 (04:50 pm)

current location: mah house!
I'm feeling: artistic
Pathetic Earth-sounds: Blargunfingle

Yep, it's been a while, le sigh. But, I have a new fic! MWAH :D (Thank you death_fairy01 for betain'!)

Name: Cruel Affection-Ch 1
Author: tapangowa (Dib) and Paranormal-Phenomena(Zim)
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Angst and a bit of romance
Warning: ZADR, Rape, gore and other bad things not for children.
Summary: 50 years into the furture and the irkens have become pets to the human race.


death_fairy01 [userpic]
Devil's Fool Member's Story
by death_fairy01 (death_fairy01)
at July 25th, 2006 (03:38 am)

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I'm feeling: energetic
Pathetic Earth-sounds: Spicy Marmalade

Since it my birthday, I've decided to share the first part of this fic with everyone. Its not done and it probably is very bad. Oh well. Hope some of you enjoy it, at least.

Name: Devil's Fool
Autor: death_fairy01
Rating: T
Genre: Horror/Angst
Warning: Blood, Character death, vague symbolism
Summary: "You all were foolish. You actually thought that you could destroy dozens of worlds and escape unscathed?" Onyx blazed at him, mocking fire blazing in their depths. "It's a shame. If you'd left Earth alone, you might just have done it."
PartCollapse )

♪ medica ♫ [userpic]
Member's story - contest entry
by ♪ medica ♫ (senri)
at July 18th, 2006 (09:52 pm)

I'm feeling: blank

Name: Antipan Complex
Author: Senri
Rating: G
Genre: ...Gen, I suppose.
Warning: If you are looking for it I suppose you might see TAGR. =/
Summary: Gaz hasn't grown up yet.

Read more...Collapse )


Ahaha. It's so short. Buuut I kinda like it nonetheless. It relates to "in women's clothing" (at least in my mind) because Gaz is a girl in women's clothing here - she hasn't really grown up and she isn't as tough as she thinks. Kthxgoodbai. :D