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IZ Fan Fiction

And Jhonen's ILL Prone Belly

IZ Fanfiction: Notable or Horrible?
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All Members , Moderated

This community is for criticism and reviews of Invader Zim fan fiction.

Have you ever spent an hour or two browsing through FanFiction sites and found stories that are horrible? Or are you a lucky one and found a story worth praising?

If you post someone else's work:
Samples from the story should be posted in the entry with comments(or insults) and the entire story should be placed under an lj-cut or in a link.

If you are a fanfiction writer; this is also the community for you! Here you can post your own fanfiction for reviews and comments!

If you post your own work:
A summary should be included before the story along with a rating and (if a 'ship is involved) please include the tag {zadr, zagr, etc.}. The rest should be under an lj-cut

> Name:

>~If you find fanfiction please post in the title line whether it is:Awesome, good, ok, bad, stupid, HORRIBLE, etc.

~If it is your own please put "Member's Story" (or something of the sort) in the title.

~All and any types of Fanfiction are invited here, that includes zadr, rapr, zagr, dagr, maer, and whatever else anyone thinks of.

~Please post the link for the story at the beginning or end of the entry

~Only flame the story itself, not the member who posted it! Any harassment will have you banned from the community.

That is it, so have fun finding (and writing) Invader Zim fan fiction!